Get to Know Melot

Entrepreneur / Speaker / Author

Rachael has owned construction companies, retail businesses, consulting companies and a beauty salon, and quietly mentored women along the way. After spending almost a decade commuting from Oklahoma to New York City working in the high tech, fast-moving world of digital media and advertising she withdrew from the City and authored her first book, on the topic of #SuccessWithoutApology, a topic that surfaced while serving as one of 12 women selected by the Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative Fellowship, to mentor a professional woman from Tunisia for one year.

She holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and has always focused on helping other succeed. Today she mentors men and women on how to adapt office conversations, home routines, and daily expectations to promote womens’ success in every form and without apology.

Her writing has been published on and She is the author of The Ten Commandments of #SuccessWithoutApology, and the podcast series “Success Without Apology” which can be downloaded on the blog page or subscribed to on iTunes or Stitcher.  She is a multiple time Best Selling Amazon book author with her contributions to The Price of Greatness, compiled by Jessica Mosley in 2020.

You can find more about Rachael Melot and her speaking schedule here.  She is a speaker unlike anyone you have heard before on the topic of success both at the office and home.


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