Inner Success, Outward Success

Why Abandon Traditional Success

Speaking to university students is one of my favorite and most challenging settings for public speaking. It is my favorite because I want to believe that I still relate to these young people (shhh, don’t tell me if I am living in a dream) and yet it is so challenging because they inevitably ask me a question that I have never before answered publicly.

Tonight was no different. The audience tonight was students who have an “advocacy” minor and may or may not yet know what they want to advocate for. I look at it is an opportunity to challenge students to think about what inspires them and what fuels their passions.

I especially appreciated the student who answered my inquiry of “if you could, what would you advocate for RIGHT NOW?” He answered the way I think I may have at his age, “I am not sure I care enough about anything to advocate for it.” #truth. I graduated college with zero thought of advocating as my future. But as my life journey progressed I found that my passions for women in business would rechart my course of life.

As I shared my story, my journey, a student asked why I would choose to give up the “traditional monikers of success” living in NYC, earning big money to live back in Shawnee, little ole, Oklahoma, America? He sincerely wanted to know why I would choose Shawnee over the NYC lifestyle I was living? Seemingly no notoriety or money and no fame or fortune awaited me in Shawnee when I was living the “dream” of NYC media life. Maybe there was a time I thought those were the marks of success too.

His question is exactly the point of The Ten Commandments of #SuccessWithoutApology. This question is the VERY reason I wrote the book and live the life I live. I chose to give up the idea of the traditional success monikers. I live everyday to share with others that their version of success is unique and it is okay. As a matter of fact it is more than okay, it is the best version of success.

As I reconnect with this blog and my podcast, let me refresh you of my mission. It is my mission to encourage you to pursue your version of success and to not apologize for it. I want you to own your success and to stand proudly that you are doing it your way, for your reasons.

I believe a few key moments in March of 2016 changed my destiny and I woke up and chose my own version of success. Do you recall certain triggers that changed your destination? And from the mouth of the college student, What may have you given up in the “traditional” path of success to do it your way?

May you be encouraged in this crazy COVID year to explore your very own version of success and do so without apology.


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